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When our twin daughters were three-years-old, one of them fell and broke her arm in our backyard. The paramedics who arrived shortly thereafter brought her a stuffed bear, which she cuddled for the rest of the day as she went to the hospital to have her arm x-rayed and cast. The bear’s name was “Spencer” and he’s been with her ever since.

Three years later, our daughter again needed the assistance of emergency responders, this time for a much more serious reason. When the EMTs were leaving our home after that 911 call, I asked if they had a stuffed animal they could give my daughter to help comfort her through the day of medical testing that lay ahead of us. I was told that due to financial cuts, “We don’t have anything like that anymore.”

At some point during that long day, as we awaited test results in a medical facility, my twins brought up Spencer Bear. When I told them that the paramedics couldn’t give out stuffed animals to children anymore because of budget cuts, my daughters immediately asked if they could collect stuffed toys for the children who need to call 911 for help – and Emergency Cuddles for Kids was born.

Since then, our twins have collected stuffed animals for their birthdays instead of accepting gifts, have involved their American Heritage Girls troop in collecting as well, and are happily donating all the animals they can collect to the ambulance service in our city and across the country.

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